Before the replacement making, we have to introduce how studio cooperate with factory.

Usually studio place order in factory, they will let factory make 5-10 pieces as after sale service, but most of studio will ship to China buyers first, after shipped to China buyers, then our orders will be shipped, but overseas delivery time is very long, usually once our package arrived and get broken, we ask studio for replacement, most of these time, they have no more. But usually we will consult with the studio, to let them do some new parts for us, but this is not real easy, because if factory make new replacement, it cost them a lot, they need make new sharpener and fill up it by grout, and paint it in the end, its cost factory much time, and labour cost.

Usually factory have agreement with studio, they can only do after sale service in period time after statue released. so something, after long talking with studio, we still cant get the replacement, this is always happened, but what we can do is avoid these studio product, if studio is not positive with after sale service.